Techno-Centric Office

Design, Supply, Build and Maintain

Putting technology at the forefront of the office space, techno-centric office designs desegregates the workplace through networking. Making vital resources available with a simple click is essential to maintain high efficiency while keeping the work environment clutter-free. By strategically placing computers, equipment, phones, etc., and creating an almost wireless environment, vital resources are brought to the user for more convenient and efficient office. Office spaces are designed for maximum efficiency and comfort and makes it easier for a person to do various tasks while sitting down or standing up by limiting the required range of motion needed to get work done.

  • Interior Design
  • Space Planning
  • Modular Partitions
  • Data, Voice and Video Communication
  • Comfort Cooling Air-conditioning Unit
  • Office Furniture and Fixtures
  • Office Equipment (File Compactor and Storage System)