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MFL CCO meets with Palau President

January 22, 2010

MFL Inc. Chief Channels Officer, Karl Favila embarked on a 2 day trip to the wonderful island of Palau to have an exploratory discussion with Palau president Johnson Toribiong. Mr. Favila stated 'Palau has many things to offer to the world and most especially the value of its environment.' The small nation of Palau which consists of a small population (20,000) is very well known for hosting the Survivor show and being the 'place to be' in Micronesia. Mr. Favila also stated ' meeting with President Toribiong was just such an honor. He is a very down to earth man and is very visionary, I sure did learn a lot about history from him during my brief visit. The president even kidded that the Guantanamo Bay prisoners that the country absorbed from the United States were as handsome as me. Foreign private sectors and public sectors have a lot to offer to Palau and vice versa, we just have to do the right things in the right places in order to assist Palau in becoming one of Asia's booming countries.