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Multi-Fold Links, Inc. Launches New Company Logo for 25th Anniversary

June 8, 2012

San Juan, Philippines (June 8, 2012) - Multi-Fold Links, Inc. (MFL) today launched the new MFL company logo in anticipation of its 25th anniversary in August. The new logo epitomizes MFL’s commitment to linking technology and delivering fully integrated solutions while taking business computing a step further – creating intelligent buildings that ensures a client’s IT resources operate 24/7.

The new company logo carries over the previous diamond design but is now represented by two diamonds linked together, symbolizing MFL’s various products and services.

“MFL has always been more than just a single product or service. We’ve always identified ourselves as systems integrators and we believe that linking our software products to our data centers and providing IT expertise to our clients is what has made us a household name in IT in the Philippines. Doing this allows us to deliver an integrated, whole solution,” said Nico Favila, Head of Marketing. “The new logo signals the company’s intent to continue delivering great products and services as one, fully integrated solution while showcasing where we are headed in the future. Beyond systems integration, MFL is taking the intelligence found in IT and applying it to the whole workplace. We’re ensuring the client’s IT resources are always up-and-running while creating a true techno-centric workplace fit for the modern business environment.”

For more information, please visit or call (632) 726-1440.