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Multi-Fold Links, Inc. Reaches Partnership Agreement with APAC Business Services – To Become PH’s First Value Added Reseller of PSI:Capture and FileBound

December 21, 2012

San Juan, Philippines (December 21, 2012) - Multi-Fold Links, Inc. (MFL) has finalized their partnership with APAC Business Services to become a value added reseller of PSI:Capture and FileBound – the first in the Philippines.

“The partnership of APAC Business Services and MFL, Inc. will now bring two new exciting products to the Philippine market. PSI Capture and FileBound are two of the most advanced document management systems to date. This technology will be very beneficial for the various industries in the Philippines today. The need to secure information and most of all save records is very crucial in today's mission critical business operations,” says Karl Favila, Managing Director of Multi-Fold Links, Inc. He adds, “The Philippines itself has a law that requires all government institutions to keep records otherwise it may face stiff consequences. FileBound and PSI Capture can help these institutions to do just that. With these 2 softwares adding to MFL's portfolio and its over 26 years of experience in the field of information technology integration and IT constrnstruction, the Philippine market will truly benefit from this document management system

PSI:Capture provides scanning functionality, or can utilize simple expressions through its Advanced Data Extraction feature to automate processing tasks. With the ability to export or migrate the data to over 50 industry ECM and DMS systems, PSI:Capture represents the next generation of document processing software. PSI:Capture provides a single capture platform that can meet all the needs of an organization. FileBound Office Automation Solutions improve the way you process and manage your valuable documents. FileBound streamlines your AP department to run smoother with fewer staff and better results; keep your sensitive HR records safe, secure and available as needed; reduce your use of expensive couriers to send documents.

For more information, please visit or call (632) 726-1440.

About APAC Business Services

APAC Business Services is a firm dedicated to sourcing Document and Data Management techologies that are attractive to the SME market. APAC distribute these technologies in the Asia Pacific region through a network of value added resellers and partners.

About UpFlow

UpFlow is a distributor of Software in the Document Management and Workflow Automation space. Their focus is on providing software solutions to improve processes and workflow automation to businesses across the Asia Pacific region through value added resellers.

About PSIGEN Software, Inc.

PSIGEN Software, Inc. was founded in 1995 by leading scanning and capture industry application developers. The mission was to provide robust, yet simple advanced document imaging and search products to their customers. Their software applications provide just that; cutting edge document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features built with state of the art technology, all presented with a user friendly interface. PSI:Capture is a scanning and capture onramp for more than 50 ECM systems, and as aMicrosoft Partner, they are constantly providing integration into Microsoft technologies like SharePoint 2010.