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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Embraces Network and User Activity Monitoring System, Rehabilitates Structured Cabling System and Implements Network Redundancy/Backup System

July 10, 2013

Manila, Philippines (July 10, 2013) - Multi-Fold Links, Inc. (MFL) today announced the deployment of Axence nVision to facilitate the efficient management of the SEC’s IT infrastructure and its development. MFL has also completed the Network Rehabilitation and Redundancy Implementation Project, also for the SEC.

Citing their need for a set of tools for proactive network monitoring and control, MFL provided the SEC with the best application available for network and user activity management, Axence nVision. nVision features a robust User Activity Monitoring module, with features such as workstation usage, applications launched and work history, network transfer and email monitoring & printout monitoring. “We’re very glad that the SEC has chosen to go with MFL and nVision for their user activity monitoring needs,” said Ed Favila, President, Multi-Fold Links, Inc. “nVision has been gaining ground in the Philippine market since its introduction and its adoption by the SEC is a glowing endorsement for nVision as the leading network management software in the industry. nVision's user activity monitoring module will surely assist the SEC monitor all their workstations, detect any undesirable activity and help users solve issues.”

MFL is also completing the rehabilitation of the SEC’s structured cabling system and the implementation of their network redundancy/backup system, with the project being awarded to MFL after a competitive bid. The whole project is designed to improve the SEC’s network performance and safeguard against failures of their current network environment.

“The SEC and MFL have done business together for over 10 years now and we’re glad to be continuing this relationship with our procurement of nVision, the rehabilitation of our structured cabling system and the implementation of a network redundancy/backup system. MFL is a leader in the IT industry and we are very delighted with the work they’ve done for the SEC,” remarked Lilia Pinzon, MIS Asst. Director, SEC. “I, as well as all of MFL, am very glad that the SEC has entrusted us with meeting their IT requirements. We have had a wondrous relationship over the years and we look forward to continuing that in the future,” replied Arlyn Solitario, Chief Operating Officer, Multi-Fold Links, Inc.

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